We are now in ANDROID – 3 reasons to download

Telemedicine is gaining attention for many reasons today esp when the process of getting care is getting far more complex than the care itself. People today have been looking at excuses at managing their health better with many reasons being: don’t have the time to go visit the doctor in person, not able to leave home; relevant specialist is not close to home; work load etc. Whatever the situation, ongoing technological advancements in digital health is building the ability to reach healthcare providers remotely and with the advent of smart phones, telemedicine apps for your iPhone or Android, one can literally have a doctor in the palm of your hand.

1.Specialist Access from Top Multi-Speciality and Super Speciality Doctors

We are grateful to associate with some of the top doctors(600+ doctors in total) primarily India across 35+ specialisations removing geographical boundaries to get care. Now with the Connect2MyDoctor app you can consult with specialists from wherever you are. No more excuses to get quality care.

2. Ease of Use

From the start our focus has been to wrap great technology under even great user experience. People who have used our service swears by it but for some there is always the first time…We assure you that once you use it for your consultation and you will exit the application with the feeling that — Oh Thats it. The journey to keep the experience simple is ongoing and we are not looking back.

The Connect2MyDoctor app is a continued journey with the current version out recently but over the next few releases you may keep noticing some wow experiences being unwrapped…so download and set it on auto update to get the latest version all the time.

3. Search-Book-Consult

The application allows you to look for board certified specialists across 35+ specializations, read their verified profile and schedule for video consultation and in person appointments and ability to pre pay for appointments in your local currency (we support over 130+ world currencies) and consult with the doctor from the location of your preference

The team is really working hard to have the iOS version out for all our iOS users…be rest assured that it will be worth the wait…Until then Download Now and Manage Your Health Better

Download FREE from your App store. Spread the word around.


Download the Connect2MyDoctor Android app. Spread the word around.


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