Functional Medicine – What & Why?


YOU…that is what is important here.

Simply speaking, Functional Medicine can be easily labelled as the personalized treatment focusing on YOUR health, YOUR body, YOUR lifestyle and YOUR life…where you are actively involved to make yourself FEEL better…BE better.

The Functional Medicine doctors do not stop with generic examination but also dwell deep into your life, your environment, your way of life and then work along with you to devise a plan to bring your life back to wellness. It’s not about looking at the symptoms but creating a wellness plan looking at you.


In the picture above of the iceberg, diseases like diabetes or heart disease may be what is visible above the surface, but the underlying reason could be in specific imbalances in the body. Looking only at the tip of the iceberg will rarely lead to long-term improved health outcomes.

Functional Medicine is not a factory line medicine

This is not a therapy where One size Fits All…This is the designer wear of medical therapy where the treatment plan is tailor-made for each patient. In addition to medications, functional medicine also recommends lifestyle change and supplements, hormones and stress reduction. It is all about balance: nothing works in isolation.

Cause Vs Diagnosis

In a typical medical practice today, doctors look at the symptoms, make a diagnosis and then prescribe a treatment plan for that specific diagnosis. In Functional Medicine, doctors are not too concerned about making a diagnosis but more concerned with identifying the causes of the underlying imbalances or dysfunctions and treating them.

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