Regular Health Checkup

Regular check-ups are important no matter the age, sex and health condition. The interval between each visits varies of course depending on these but also on your current health, family history and lifestyle choices such as smoking, activity level, eating habits etc..

In all cases, check-ups should be a regular habit for many reasons:

Regular health exams and tests can help you identify major problems before they occur. An early detection can increase your chances of getting early treatment before it becomes a more serious issue that requires heavy medication or more drastic interventions.

Examples of regular exams include the physical exam, blood pressure reading, and laboratory tests that reflect your general health and well-being.

  1. Counselling for general health promotion during your regular check-up will remind you of the need to implement new healthy habits and do some lifestyle changes. Some counselling topics include safe sex practices, smoking cessation and pre-pregnancy advice on folic acid supplements.
  2. Regular check-ups also help your doctor identify any potential family history for diseases such as obesity, blood pressure, diabetes and more along with risk factors for common chronic diseases.
  3. To update your clinic data since your last check up and answer any question you might have about your health

 It is recommended that medical checkups be performed every 5 years for adults over 18 until the age of 40 and every one to three years once above 40. For people taking prescription medications, the check-ups should be more frequent.

On that note, telehealth offers patients better access to healthcare wherever they are located. Instead of going to the doctor, telehealth allows the doctor to come to you.

The potential benefits of telehealth are significant but most importantly it can reduce the overall costs of healthcare for everyone involved: the patient, the doctor and the hospital. Good healthcare becomes more accessible to anyone in need and it increases the patient’s awareness and active management of his own health.

Connect2MyDoctor is a new revolutionary way to manage your health better. Patients are able through our platform to connect with doctors online from anywhere, be it general physicians or specialists, saving time, effort and money. You can also store self and family medical records in a safe secure cloud server and access it from anywhere you want.

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Stay healthy!


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