Hand Hygiene – Give the Germs the RUB

Starts from your home

There are good and bad germs around us. It is important for us to keep our loved ones away from the ones that can cause diseases and infections

How do they spread?

Most commonly harmful bacteria and other germs are carried into our homes in or on people, pets, contaminated food and water. And how it spreads is depending on us…Hands are one of the most common carriers of these germs and they can spread to anything or anyone we touch until they are thoroughly cleaned since in contact with a affected area. The other most common culprit are the cleaning cloths/rags which when not cleaned regularly can be the carrier.

Commonly known as the Flow of Infection, disease causing bacteria and  other germs accidentally passed from one person to another and causing infection. But this flow can be broken.

Good Hygiene is the key to prevent this flow. Some of the suggestions are:

  • It is very important to WASH HANDS before eating, before and after cooking, after coughing, sneezing, using toilet, changing diapers etc.
  • Facial/Hand tissues may be used when you cough or sneeze. Chuck the used tissues straight away into the bin. Keeping it away for a later time may cause the tissue to the carrier…make sure you wash your hands once you use the bin
  • Keeping your family Immunised regularly can be a good and effective way to keep the harmful germs away…Keep in touch with your doctor/care centre being informed on the dates for getting immunised.
  • It is very important to keep the regularly touched surfaces like taps, work bench tops door handles, telephone keypads, television remote controls etc. clean and disinfected.


A quick guide to washing hands (we think we know it all…but you may just be surprised)

handwashing_2009_e                        Image Source

Global Hand washing day is celebrated on Oct 15 every year (Read more on Wiki)


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