Memory Loss? Forgetful? or Confused?


The first and the most important step is to isolate the situations and find out if there is a problem.

Ask yourself some questions and remember be truthful to yourself:

  • Have your memory lapses been more often than you like?
  • Has some changes in your thought process or the way you interact with people, family or friend and most important yourself  – been something that is bothering you?
  • Are you having to write down every bit of information before you do something?
  • Does any of the above cause you stress, depression, pain, any chronic illness, been smoking/drinking/on high medication?

These could sometimes be signs of Dementia. Loss of memory is NOT normal for any age and should be attended to early.

What is Dementia?

This is a common terminology used to describe problems with continuous changes in memory and thinking. The most common type of dementia is Alzheimer’s. Dementia is not only for the old but is common over the age of 65 and more common over the age of 75. The early signs and symptoms may not be obvious which makes it every more critical to consult a doctor/specialist who can diagnose it correctly and early.


To get this checklist – Click here

Who should you consult?

  1. Neurologists (Book a private video consultation with a Neurologist – view now)
  2. Psychiatrists specializing in Geriatric (Video consultation with a Psychiatrist – view now)
  3. Functional Medicine (Book an private video session View Now)
  4. Geriatricians

The earlier you act the Better it is #Stayhealthy



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